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He’s proven me right

Man-baby tried a new tactic today.  He had his oldest daughter forward texts to me in the hope I wouldn’t catch on.  Of course, she forgot to delete the “tell her” at the beginning.

Really?  What kind of a man plays games like that?  Or puts his daughter in the middle and tries to use her as a crutch?  I couldn’t resist replying that I care too much about her to put her through that or to use her.

He moved out March 30th. That’s 3.5 weeks ago. And he’s used that time to rant and rave, rage and riot. And cannot understand why I’ve chosen to quit fighting to keep the relationship.  He really thinks I should fight for him.  Unfortunately he used up all my fighting energy by picking fights against me.

He’s borderline abusive, controlling, aggressive, verbally cruel, often drunk.  He treats his daughters like shit. He got off on picking fights in front of my little children, reducing me to nothing in front of them.  He made up all kinds of delusional and paranoid stories about me to justify his anger.  He’s spread gossip and bullshit like grape jelly.  And he’s hurt that I don’t think he’s worth fighting for.

In my book making one of the kids be the go-between, the messenger that gets shot, pretty well proves that not only is he not worth fighting for, he’s also juvenile and cowardly.  Even in middle school games like that were frowned on as pathetic and stalkerish.  Am I right?




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