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Healthy Changes

DD is not only vegan, he also eats no oil.  I lived many years mostly vegetarian so I understand how it is to go out and read a menu and find nothing on it that works.

I like to think I’m a good cook, at least my family and friends have always said so.  Vegan cooking is simple enough but cooking without even olive oil is a new challenge.  I’ve been experimenting a bit and have managed a passable chocolate cake that he likes.

When DD and I broke up we were both heavy smokers and he lived off nothing but Burger King.  And weighed nearly 250+ pounds.  I still smoke some.  He’s quit.  And is now an incredibly sexy 180.  I even had a dream last night about what I want to do with him as soon as I get my divorce finalized.

We’ve both changed a lot in 5 years.  I spend hours a day in the garden.  He spends endless hours chasing the kids around the play ground.

It isn’t much a stretch to see how basic changes in how we take care of ourselves make a huge difference in how able we are to care about each other.  I look back and see us both has having been very self centered and having little self-control, both traits that make for miserable relationships.  We were young then.  And had a lot going on.  He had just come off 6 years active duty which included a long stint in Iraq.  I had a young son and was a full time student with two part time jobs.  And we had an unplanned baby on the way.

But here we are now.  That baby is now 4 year old Little Girl.  We both finished college and got “real” jobs.  We cleaned up our life styles.  And one day I realized my Ex looked a lot better than my husband.  In all the ways that really matter.  I first noticed this months before I gave up on my marriage but refused to notice I had noticed.  It wasn’t until after man-baby moved out and had his biggest melt down psychotic temper fit ever that I truly gave up on making it work and confessed my feelings.

I am happy to have someone who shares my values.  Who I can trust completely with my children.  I just need some oil-meat-animal product free recipes if anyone has any to share.



5 thoughts on “Healthy Changes

  1. What about more natural (and obscure) oils such as coconut oil and avocado oils?

    Posted by Rhianna | April 26, 2012, 8:39 pm

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