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A Case of the Common Cold

I have the most miserable head cold.  I was recovering well until I felt better today and over did it.  Now my sinuses are plugged and pressurized like an un-vented reactor.

The advice people give a cold sufferer, isn’t it bad enough I’m sick?

The doctor can’t do anything for a cold.  There Is No Cure.  Why should I pay thirty dollars to be told to rest and stay hydrated?  Or even worse, be given a scrip for useless antibiotics so the doc will feel useful?  But nonetheless, everyone asks if I’ve gone to the doctor yet.

The next most hated bit of advice is to take a handful of pills to treat the symptoms.  In a dire emergency I will cave in and take something.  But I’ve always been dubious as to how helpful cold pills really are.  Pseudo-ephedrine will unclog my nose a bit but I can’t stand the side effects (to think… we used to take that crap for fun…).  And at that, most pills upset my tummy and result in feeling twice as rotten.

But there are a few things that I think really help.  Homemade soup with fresh herbs.  Hot steamy showers.  Menthol rub on my chest.  Hot tea of all types.  Long naps.

One of those great eco-hints that saves my nose and my wallet and a few trees is to use a clean cloth diaper as a handkerchief.  I have a whole pile of them that have never been used as diapers.  They’re lux-soft on a sore nose.  They’re easily washed and disinfected.  A dab of vapor rub and they’re “medicated.”

The high dry climate here makes extra humidification helpful too.  I like to keep an open pot of soup or tea on the stove, it’s hot and ready when I want it and the bit of steam is easily inhaled to open the nose a bit.

What are you’re favorite, all natural, cold remedies?  Could you blow your nose on a diaper?



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