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Dirt Therapy

It is no wonder that with my stress load my wicked cold and evil allergies are trying to become a sinus infection.  The misery of being unable to breathe has kept me from spending the time in the garden I want to.  But today, feeling a bit better, and thinking that dirt is my best therapy, I got busy outside.

I’m most pleasantly tired and relaxed by it.  More at peace than I’ve been for a while.  I spent the first part of the morning on the phone but after several answering services and several unhelpful bureaucrats decided I really needed to go bury seeds.

It felt good just to have the energy to get something real done today.  Maybe my immune system is starting to work again.  But my nose is still a bit stuffy.  I’ll give it till Monday and then go in for pills and a shot.  I try to avoid unnecessary drugs but Monday will mark two weeks of sick and that’s plenty of time to conquer the common cold.

Watering is probably my favorite garden chore.  In the arid southwest it is a privilege to live close to a river and have water rights.  My idea of fun hasn’t changed much in 25+ years: dirt + water + shovel.  And now I am mom so no one tells me not to get muddy.  I have the best sandbox ever and I can do whatever I like in it.  There’s something about wading through the muck, carefully shoveling to guide the water where I like, watching the water flow, feeling the mud between my toes (shoes never last long… I lost one clog today) that brings me back to what really matters in life.

I love the simple life of the mother and gardener.  I’ve never really missed the high stress job I left.  Sometimes I miss grownup conversations but I live on a road with several houses of retirees so there’s often conversation right on the other side of the fence.

I feel better about the whole world tonight, after a day in the dirt.

What’s your favorite therapy, hobby, meditation?  What brings you back in to focus when overwhelmed, tired, stressed?



4 thoughts on “Dirt Therapy

  1. That’s a nice thing to think about. Probably reading in bed with a crumpet and honey. No pun intended.

    Posted by butimbeautiful | May 4, 2012, 4:07 am
  2. Mowing the lawn was my therapy today.

    Posted by Linda B | May 31, 2012, 3:21 pm

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