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Gifts for the Heart

DD was in a nearby city on an overnight business trip when I got my papers done Monday.

He asked what I wanted to do to celebrate and all I could say was “you.”

He brought dinner last night after he got back to town.

He has often brought the kids little presents from his travels.  This time they’d gone to the Disney Store as his co-worker had a request from his kids on what to get.

So Little Girl got a cute little back-pack and Little Boy got a Thor book.  I was expecting him to bring them something.  I was not expecting anything for me.  But he had, indeed, gotten me something:

My man knows what I like!

He has always been a thoughtful gift giver, and even through our years apart has often surprised me with sweet little presents for my birthday or Mother’s Day.

Some of my favorites include a food dehydrator and a water bottle.  I’m sure most moms would be a tad insulted to get an appliance like a dehydrator for Mother’s Day but he knows how much I love my garden and preserving the harvest.  And the water bottle, I know he didn’t spend much but it came in my favorite colors, and he knows I flat refuse to spend money on bottled water and always care my own.

He has this way of taking a few dollars and actually making it say “I love you.”

And tonight, I eat chocolate and think how blessed I am.



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