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When I Need to Think…

…I go to the garden.

And I remember how lucky I am to have what I do.  I have this little house.  It is big enough.  I have a large yard/little bit of land.  I have water rights.  Thus I have a lovely garden and enough play space for really running.

I do my chores, water, weed, rake, shovel, hoe.  I play in the mud.  And I am at peace.

But the one part I feel weird about is having to thin baby plants.

The carrots are especially hard to just pull up.

I feel like a mass murder.

But sometimes pulling weeds is the best therapy ever.  I rip the little suckers out by the root and think about all the crazy texts Man Baby is still sending me.  And I feel better about it all.

Today I watered.  And thought about what really matters.  About how DD understands how to show our daughter how a man ought to treat a woman.  About how there is no amount of money worth selling your dignity for.  About how blessed I am.

The old man next door complemented my irrigating.  That is a compliment that means something.  It is not mindless pat on the back self esteem building.

And I am pleasantly tired now.  Spring watering means lots of shovel work.  Not only does it make good food, I also get good exercise.  Now I get a hot bath and a good night’s rest.



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