Rural Living

When I fist moved here, 20 years ago, I thought it was a city.  The neighbors were close enough to hear!  I had lived even closer to nowhere than here.  My early childhood was spent in a local where the nearest neighbors could be neither seen nor heard.  So this little town seemed crowded and busy.

But in truth, it is a rural farming community combined with trailer parks and tract homes.

And I love it here.  It is like stepping back in time.  I know everyone on my road.  I can put the kids out to play.  I fall asleep listening to the water gurgle in the big ditch. There is both wildlife and farm animals close.

One of my past times is trying to get a good picture of the hummingbirds that come to visit.

I love watching these guys but photographing them is a bit of a challenge.  They’ve become my main form of passive watching entertainment.

Getting a shot of this lug

is cake.  Notice how none of his claws actually touch me.  He gives the sweetest little hugs.  Reminds me of when the kids still toddled up and wrapped their arms around my legs.

But she’s a bit more stingy with her photo ops.

She was so focused on the prey across the road she didn’t notice the pawparazzi sneaking up on her.

The other bit of entertainment in this backwoods is watching the sky.  It’s not the Land of Enchantment for nothing.

This was a classic New Mexico rain storm.  I could see rain falling all the way around me but not a drop fell on me.

What does your world look like from the front porch?



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