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Error 13: How to shut down a text stalker

Error 13: Your message contains logic flaws

The stalker-texts from Man-baby went to a whole new level yesterday.

And stupid me, I had got sucked into his game again.  I allowed him to push my buttons and manipulate me into engaging in his nightmare.

They just get more and more bizarre.  In one he says I was a huge mistake, in the next that he misses me so much it “feels like he lost a leg.”

So I started replying to everything he says with “Error 13: Your message contains logic flaws”  Every time he sends another one I just re-forward the same response.

It seems to have worked, my phone has been silent all day.

I only had to send it a dozen times before he caught on that that’s all he’s going to get out of me.

There was a few hours of quiet in the middle of it yesterday.  DD and I joked that he was probably calling AT&T to ask why he was getting an error message.




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