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Eclipse Hunting

We drove south to catch yesterday’s eclipse.

There was lots of pressure from friends and family to make the longer drive to Albuquerque for it but DD and I just packed welding goggles, sandwiches and water and found a gorgeous spot in the middle of no where.

I’d say we had the best view in the world and no crowds, no competition.

One older Navajo couple drove by and we let them take a peak with the goggles I’d burrowed from best friend’s husband.

Little Girl sat in the car, the idea of the sun being behind the moon freaked her out a bit.  Little Boy talked non-stop, which is his usual.

DD and I thought it was the perfect nerd date to take the family on.

New Mexico is a beautiful place.  The Bisti badlands were ideal for eclipse hunting, the most surreal place on the planet.

Most of the adventures DD and I have had over the years haven’t worked out nearly so well.  Like when I was three months pregnant with Little Girl and we drove from New Mexico to Denver starting at 4pm.  Or when we went to Socorro with Little Boy and he got into boric acid.

So I was a bit nervous heading to the middle of nowhere on a Sunday night.  But it went without a hitch.  We got to watch the sun move down behind the moon.  We fed the kids sandwiches and made it home after bed time but still early enough for him to get to work and Little Boy to get to school.



2 thoughts on “Eclipse Hunting

  1. Memories are made of this 🙂

    Posted by Vinny Grette | May 21, 2012, 2:27 pm

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