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I had the most earth shattering orgasm yesterday.  If that didn’t get your attention I don’t know what will.  The post contains mature content.

With DD still recovering from surgery we’ve had to be a bit creative in our love-making.

I doubt I am the only woman who finds her ability to orgasm to be dependent on her emotional state.

I’m not really a fan of hand jobs.  But I could sense that he needed to know he could please me even when having troubles.  And did he ever.

I have this complete trust for him.  I have only had orgasms like that by myself and with the aid of battery power.

He has amazing hands.  But it isn’t technique that can be taught that did it for me.  It is the bond I have with him.

We have spent nearly six years building this relationship.  It has not been easy.  We’ve said and done some horrid things to each other.  But in the end we shaped ourselves to fit just right.  We were not always the perfect other halves for each other.

Nice guys finish last, but in my race he’s the only one to finish at all.  A good many of us woman want boring relationships with nice men.  Exciting relationships are by nature unstable.

But DD is faithful and patient to a fault.  He is not vengeful and does not keep grudges.  He is kind and gentle.  He is loyal and dedicated.  He has never been controlling or jealous, he always granted me my freedom.  I am free to love him.  The result of this is that I trust him totally and I can surrender completely to his fingers.

So guys, if you want to make your girl really love sex, put your effort into the emotional side of the relationship.

I am beyond satisfied, beyond blissed out.

And while that was one beautiful orgasm it is just a small part of the intimate and exquisite love making dance we have.  I find the depth and intimacy to be so much more powerful than shallow, fleeting ecstasy.

My quest to live a healthy, honest life brought me back to him.  It has also shown me what it really means to make love.





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