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The Best Revenge

I think I have a good life.  There is yet tension and stress, hard dirty work, knocks to take and lessons to learn.  But it is a good life.

I have two healthy, smart children.  DD is the best father they could have.  I am blessed with time to be home with my family.  I can spend summer taking them to swimming lessons and teaching them the small tasks of life and caring and trapping caterpillars for scientific observation.

I have a cute little house and large messy garden.  Two sweet cats choose to call me theirs.  My car is old but reliable and paid for.

I think I live well.  My loved ones are close and well.  There is nothing I need.  While often hectic and busy, demanding and deadening, my days have a sweet simple rhythm I love.  At the end I am tired enough to sleep well, satisfied with life, content that my heart is at peace with where I am and the direction I am going.

Living well can mean so many things to so many people.  I suspect my life could appear to be too simple and slow.  I wake at 6am with DD.  Make coffee and oatmeal.  Get the kids up, dressed, fed.  See DD off to work.  Pack kids and go swimming.  Come home.  Either garden or chores or errands or help my mom.  Lunch.  Quiet hour.  Snack.  Chores or garden or cook.  Cook.  DD comes home.  Dinner.  Bath.  Bed time story.  Shower.  Shower.  Grown-up bed time snack.  Bed.  Sex.  Sleep.  That’s my day.  And I love it.  And through it all I have these priceless little moments.  They are over in a blink.  And I have missed so many of them they have twice punch, I see through new glasses.

To me, a good life is one filled with gratitude and grace.  I don’t need the glamor or glory.  What does a good life mean to you?  How does your day go?



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