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The Cast, Part I, Me

Perhaps I should tell you a bit more about myself.  So here’s a sketch to help fill in the blanks I’ve left.

I am a mother, lover, cat-feeder, writer, student of life.

I studied four languages (other than English) my first round of college as well as much literature and history and sociology as I could get.

My second round of college I got a degree in AutoCAD drafting and mechanical engineering design and technology.  I took multivariable calculus as an elective.

I’m debating going back to college a third time to study computer science next spring.

I’ve worked dozens of different jobs over the last half of my life.  But the one I’ve liked best is what I do now, staying home with my kids, focusing on them and DD.

The strange little details of my life include having been born in a two-room cabin with no plumbing.  My first word was grilled cheese.  I have a brother 20 months younger and a sister 5 years younger.  Also, a step-sister 2.5 years younger and an un-related brother 8 years younger.

I made it from Fairbanks to Key West on one pair of shoes in my younger days.  I traveled alone to strange cities on the bus.

I met my son’s sperm donor in a Denny’s and my daughter’s father in Physics class.  It took me six months to realize DD was/is actually smarter than my nerdy ass.  He just admitted to this fact two nights ago.

I will try anything once.  I’ve walked across a volcano.  I’ve tripped LSD.  I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon and been down Carlsbad Caverns.  I’ve scuba dived in the Marianas and skied in the Rockies.  I’ve hung out at nude hot springs and held signs in peace marches.

Both my children were born with no drugs and no interventions.  And no men present.  Both were born on 12th day of the month and 6 minutes after the hour.  Thus little boy is exactly 3 years and 1 month minus 18 hours older than little girl.

I am a Libra.  DD is a Scorpio.  Little Boy is a Sagittarius.  Little Girl is a Capricorn.

Any questions?  Or have a bored you with trivia and trivialities?



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