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He Just Won’t Go Away

I’m having a lovely afternoon.  The kids went for a hike with grandpa.  I worked in the garden and came into cool off, have a snack, surf the web.

My mom calls.  Man-baby had just left her office.  He had stopped by to tell her he had paid my utilities, was selling his house and that I’m on drugs.

While the frequency of his harassment has decreased now that the papers are finalized the intensity has not.  He’s still desperately trying to find some way of getting to me, of controlling my life, of making me out to be the monster.

Remember this day?  A few days later he texted that he had put a stop on the check I didn’t want because he wasn’t supporting my boyfriend.

And I got a call from the phone company that he wanted me disconnected.  So I had everything put in my name only.  And then I get a text that he has paid all the utilities including the phone.

I could wish he would do something actually threatening so I could get the law involved.

He must have scared my mom.  She reminded me to save all his correspondence and document everything.  She said he wasn’t threatening or anything but that he was certainly weird.

So now, I need to call all of my utility carriers and see if there’s some way to block anything he tries to mess with or even pay on.  It looks like a nice gesture for him to “help” with my bills.  I, however, know that he wants to use it as a tool to push me around and make himself look better

I doubt he can sell his dump.  And it really is a wreck.  The place looks like an episode of hoarders.  I’ve seen cleaner landfills.

And I’m not on drugs so I find this to be humorous in a way.  I may not be mother of the year but it has been a long time since I out grew the wasted phase.  A big party here is DD and I playing footsie while we check our email.  So it is funny that he tries to slander my reputation (with my mother, of all people, who sees me several times a week) with this particular fabrication.  Really?!  He couldn’t come up with something believable?

Why won’t he just go away?  Does he not understand the basic rules of dignity and respect?  Does he really think my mom isn’t going to call me first thing and tell me about it?  Or is he banking on that as a way of getting to me?



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