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I did well at reaching for my goal of writing everyday through most of June.  I either wrote something to post here or at least scribbled some thoughts in a notebook.  This month is another story.

So here’s my list of excuses:

1) The garden keeps me busy.  Honestly, I have more garden and yard than I can really keep up with.

2) I blew off a weekend and went to see my sister.  Alone.  With no kids.  It was refreshing.  It also put me a good bit behind on everything else.

3) My other sister brought her kids for a visit.

4) We had a holiday.  Ever tried to light sparklers in the rain?  How about have to evict the stink of a smoke bomb from the living room, said stink bomb having been lit right outside the open window?

5) I’ve been cooking with all the fresh veggies from the garden.

6) I’ve read three long novels in the last week and a half.

7) I found an old friend on Facebook and have been messaging her my thoughts rather than post them here.

8) The Great Purge.  I’ve been trashing a bag a day this week.  It feels great.  I’ve also found interesting artifacts from the 80’s and other strange conversation starters.

9) I’ve gone lazy in the heat.

10) I had an opportunity to show that white girls can so make fry-bread.

What excuses do you fall prey to?  What distractions keep you from reaching your goals?




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