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Further Excuses

Just like me to up and abandon a blog just as it gained a following.  My apologies.  This is a picture of what I did this morning before work.  Yeah.  If you were my neighbors physically I’d warn you to lock your car at night or the zucchini bandit might leave a few for a surprise.  Lucky for you I can only inflict a picture of zucchini via the interwebs.  Everyone on my street sees me coming with a bag and runs in and locks the door.  I’m becoming an expert at stealth squash bombing.

Pictured here are peaches, 3 types of squash, green beans and broccoli.  Tomorrow there will be tomatoes and potatoes, too.  I’m antsy for those tomatoes.  So far I’ve had one tiny little yellow one I snacked down in secret so no one would know I didn’t share.  Tomorrow will be BLT day.

I eat very little meat but watching those tomatoes ripen gave me a serious craving for a bacon sandwich.

Which reminds me, does any one have a recipe for vegan peach cobbler?  Without any oil or margarine?  Even better, a recipe for biscuit dough without any animal or oil products?  Even Google has failed me on the biscuit dough.  Sigh.

I make awesome biscuits with butter.  And I’ve always used sweetened biscuit dough as a cobbler crust.  But sigh, butter is definitely not going to work for DD.



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