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The Cast, Part IV, Little Boy

Little Boy isn’t really so little anymore.  He’s seven and a half.  He reads voraciously.  He climbs trees like a monkey.  He’s a video game master.  His Lego skills are outstanding.

He also has a sense of humor.  In preschool he got an award for being the “most humorous” child they’d ever had in 30 years.  Here’s a sample of his first grade work from last school year.  He knows full and well what 1+2 is.

I worry he’s going to have a tough time in our public schools here.  He’s been reading Charles Dickens for summer vacation fun.  Second graders here”get” to read real challenging stuff like picture books that have a few two-syllable words.  I’m proud he loves to read and learn.  I’ve been considering looking into homeschooling.  It seems so unfair that he will be expected to dumb himself down to fit into a classroom.

Little Boy is also very sociable and outgoing.  So much so that Little Girl and I don’t even have names in our community- everyone knows us through him.  We are Little Boy’s Mom and Little Boy’s Sister.  We’ve even had the experience of being in the store while he was at school and having strangers come up and start talking about him.  He’s notorious and unforgettable.  Mostly because he’s a chatter box.

He talks all day, everyday.  This is why it is such a debate as to home school or having him gone several hours a day so my ears can rest.  And he does need and thrive off of having an audience.  He loves to entertain and amuse adults.  The secretaries at his school request that he be the errand runner to take notes to the office they get such a kick out of his stories.

And does he ever tell stories.  Aliens.  Monsters.  Harry Potter.  DD got him started typing his stories.  We’re hoping he’ll be a best selling screen writer and we can all retire in comfort.



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