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Back to School Countdown

School starts here August 13th.  Eleven days before my babies board those buses and are off to seek their futures.

Little Boy will start the second grade.  This would be much easier to prepare for if the damn schools would get their act together and post the supply lists.  They still can’t even tell me which teacher he’s got the year.  Is this too much to ask for? The lovely school board is so embroiled in scandal and screaming matches they can’t even let parents know what the kids need to have. Really, I am a mother who will work to insure her children’s success, or at least make sure they have the required materials to have a shot at success, but the administrators don’t seem to agree with me that the whole point of school is the kids.

I am not a fan of school shopping the weekend before class starts.  This year it looks like we’ll be shopping the week after.  Really?!  WTF?!  Am I the only mother who likes to show be example being prepared and motivated?  What, exactly, are our thousands of kids learning from schools that can’t plan even a few days ahead?  Is this how my kids should prepare for state testing?

And so I am beyond frustrated.  Little Boy is also eligible for speech therapy.  It took nearly a whole year for him to get any services at all and at that none of the kids get more than half the time they need.  I am more and more tempted by the thought of letting my kids drop out of elementary school.  I used to tutor calculus, I think I can give my kids a much sounder education at home than what my tax dollars have yielded so far.  At the very least, then they would miss all the lessons they’re getting on how to go no where fast.

Little Girl is excited about starting preschool.  She’s got an appointment to get her four year old shots Saturday.  She can’t wait to ride the bus and make friends.  Also, they quite happily provided an info packet, complete with supply list, at registration last spring.

And so, I try to balance the bad side by looking for the good.  I will give this year a chance and see how it goes.  But I’m also starting on the research trail to see what the state has to say about homeschooling.

At least I can send them off for the first day with new outfits and clean lunch boxes.  Too bad I don’t know which crayons or how many pencils he needs.  Sigh.  Silly grown ups can’t pull it together.



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