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Laughing at Life

rather than Crying at Calamity.

It has not been my week.  I hesitate to post lest it bring further trouble.

On Monday…

… Little Boy regressed to “I don’t want to go to school” and developed mystery pains in his leg

… my smart phone went stupid and wouldn’t let DD inform me he left me green chili money

… C Cat barfed in a power strip while I was (finally) on the phone with Best Friend about the Green Chili Chase

… Best Friend and I got stuck in line waiting for Green Chili and I had to make a panic call to arrange a ride for Little Girl

… G Cat developed a huge swelling on his lower jaw prohibiting him from even getting a drink of water… at bed time

… DD picked a stupid fight because he didn’t believe me that New Mexico Green Chili is the official name

On Tuesday…

… I took G Cat to the vet, spent $100 for two shots and brought him home without a diagnosis

…a sink hole opened in the back yard

On Wednesday…

… I had a wicked pinching pain in my left side

… I unpacked my new food processor (birthday present!) and discovered pieces weren’t in the box

… I dropped my bread machine pan and twisted it all up

On Thursday…

… Little Boy’s mystery pain (which he only has on the way to the bus, his leg is fine when he wants to fight with his sister) became hysterical tears at the bus stop

… after twenty minutes with customer service I was informed that those parts do not actually come with the food processor and must be purchased separately

… I ran like mad to get to work, then to get Little Girl and get back to work, then to take G Cat back to the vet, then to get home for Little Boy, start the washerdryeranddishwasher, get gas and money, and retrieve the G Cat

… I tried to give G Cat his medicine only to have him vomit every where with little strings of mucus still clinging to his injured chin.  I barfed in the trash can myself in the middle of it.  DD attempted to help clean up but left actually getting it off the cat to me

… I’m on Chicken duty and my arch nemesis, the rooster got to spend the night perched on top of the netting over the coop

… DD got hurt feelings that at this point I felt queasy and gassy and grumpy and definitely not turned on or even in the mood to be touched at all.  Gosh, what’s wrong with me.

So Today is Friday…

… the cat medicine adventure continued down hill.  And I am an experienced cat doser, I do know what I’m up against here.  So far none of it has actually gone in the cat.  And the next well-intentioned human who knows all about medicating dogs and gets his hands in the middle of my cat fight will be drinking the pink gunk himself.

… I forgot my lunch and am eating three week stale bread with a slice of american cheese product to quell the pangs.  But I remembered Little Girl’s snack… and she won’t share.

… I started 2 other posts that went to the drafts grave yard due to their extreme suckiness


So, I’m biding the hours till I can hit the bottle today.  Just kidding.  Or maybe not.

So, I am determined to find the humor in all these little bumps.  I can laugh or cry.  I’m not a pretty crier, but if I’m laughing it doesn’t matter.  Besides, there’s always next week.








8 thoughts on “Laughing at Life

  1. Sounds like a real, live week in the life of a mom. My details are different, but the general story is about the same. Tonight we’re having our Friday night movie and pizza night at home, and I think I’ll be adding a glass of something red with my pizza. Give yourself a good Friday night! : )

    Posted by Kathy's Chronicles | October 12, 2012, 1:26 pm
  2. We always have New Mexico Green Chili stocked in our freezer! My husband is from Albuquerque so my mother-in-law brings us some every year! There is nothing else like it!!! And sorry about your bad week…hope this week was better!

    Posted by motherhoodisanart | October 19, 2012, 2:28 pm
  3. Sometimes you just have to shrug it all off and laugh! Otherwise you’ll probably go crazy.

    Posted by Katie | October 23, 2012, 10:16 am
  4. oh dear, what a life. But it made me smile!

    Posted by butimbeautiful | October 26, 2012, 3:47 am

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