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An Expanded Definition of Foreplay – Part II

My last post focused on What Not To Do so, to balance it out, this time I’ll give some ideas of pointers of what to do.

I’ve seen a few instances of women trying to give men pointers that would only be useful with that one particular woman.  For example, I read a blog suggesting that He surprise Her with a weekend get-a-way by basically kidnapping Her and having one of Her friends act as an accomplice in packing Her bag.  I think this is a terrible idea.  If He assumed I had no brain or life of my own and could be loaded in the trunk and driven to a secluded cabin so he could have his way with me I’d kick him in the balls and then call the cops.  But for that girl it was a dear fantasy.  I wonder if she’s ever had duct tape in her hair?

So, here are some thoughts, now that you’re not turning her off, for the beginning of turning her on.

1.  DO get to know Her for who She is.  Forget everything you know about Women in General and worry only about Her, specifically.  Does She like surprises?  Or does She prefer the anticipation and participation of planning together?  Learn to read Her.  How will you know what that funny, passing look means if you do not ask?  It may be very different than what you assume it means based on similar looks for Other Women.

2.  DO look after yourself.  She wants a grown man who can feed, wash, take care of, and clean up after himself.  Chances are if she feels like a maid/cook/nanny she doesn’t feel like a sex kitten.

3.  DO focus on respect and courtesy.  Little things at the breakfast table can go a long ways after the kids’ bed time.  Good manners matter.  Always.

4.  DO keep your priorities straight.  What’s going to matter in the long run?  Do your little daily decisions line up with your priorities?  If She feels that watching a game with your buds matters more to you than Her and the kids She won’t feel like playing any kissing games.  But if She knows She’s important and valued because you show her everyday She’s likely to make loving on you one of Her priorities.

5.  DO laugh AT yourself and laugh WITH Her.  NEVER mix that up and laugh with yourself or at Her.

6.  DO turn off the computer now and go ask what she thinks of this little list.

Ladies, anything I should add here?  Men, any questions?




3 thoughts on “An Expanded Definition of Foreplay – Part II

  1. very useful tips. Yes, it’s all the emotional game for females. If they are not satisfied emotionally with their partner, they can’t get physical with them. .. Good post.

    Posted by blogsofmylife | October 26, 2012, 6:04 am
  2. The only thing you left out is “Do NOT try to force a TV threesome on her.” …Seriously, sometimes it’s nice to turn the TV for a while, gentlemen.

    Posted by Katie | October 26, 2012, 6:53 am
  3. I think you’ve put it all in a nutshell!

    Posted by butimbeautiful | October 31, 2012, 3:20 am

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