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29 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

1.  Marry DD.  We have a five-year-old together.  We live together.

2.  Get knocked-up again.  Biological clock.

3.  Do one thing for myself every week.

4.  Go visit my grandpa.

5.  Take the kids to Florida to meet their cousin.

6.  Learn to pressure can.

7.  Clean my garage.

8.  Get 100 followers, preferably a few who actually read my posts.  *wink*

9.  Finish sewing Little Girl’s bathrobe.

10.  Make myself a kick-ass apron with 2 dozen pockets.

11.  Spend two whole nights with my sister, with no man and no kids in tow.

12.  Get it on with DD in the back of his new mini-van.

13.  Cure my potty mouth.

14.  Take the family camping.

15.  Learn to make pizza crust DD can eat.

16.  Re-pot my house plants.  That poor Christmas Cactus looks sad.

17.  Prune my fruit trees.

18.  Learn to drive a stick shift.  And my tractor.

19.  Get Little Boy a pet.

20.  Keep an Aloe Vera alive for more than 2 months.

21.  Live more in the moment and less in “to do” mode.

22.  Watch a grown-up movie.  All of it.

23.  Re-type all the work I lost when my computers were stolen.

24.  Forgive myself.

25.  Learn to dress my age.  The t-shirts from 8th grade are finally wearing out.

27.  Learn to count to thirty

28.  Maintain a sense of humor and attitude of gratitude.

29.  Post this list and keep updating on my progress with it.



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