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Trying to See the Silver Lining

I’m having a hard time counting my blessings today.

I have this nagging feeling that something is wrong, that I have forgotten something, that all is not right in my world.

But I can find nothing wrong.  I checked and then double checked and could find nothing I forgot.  And all in all I know my life is good.

Maybe it’s that I keep waking up early and missing an hour of sleep.

Maybe it’s that it is cold and wintery today.

Maybe it is the way DD seems disconnected and uninterested.

Maybe it is that I have called about that ER bill several times and keep getting the worst hold music ever so I will have to drive into town tomorrow and find a face to talk to about it.

Maybe it’s that my kids got put on the charity clothes list this year and I feel insecure and shamed.  They don’t need clothes, they have enough for any six kids.  We need health insurance.

Maybe it’s that I’ve had a zillion thoughts percolating all at once and can’t seem to sort them all out.

Whatever it is I am irritable and discontent.

My usual tactic is to count my blessings and look for the silver lining.  This combined with maintaining a sense of humor usually gets me through.  Just not today.

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.  Maybe it will warm up and I can get outside for a few hours later.  Nothing like manual labor and fresh air to put my heart at peace and ease my mind.



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