divorce, personal, relationship

back here, where no one knows me

It’s been just over two years since I visited these waters.  Life.  Life happened.

I married DD.  And now we’re in the middle of a divorce.  And I’m in a secret relationship that’s tearing me up.

I’m a key-tag carrying member of Narcotics Anonymous now.  Four months clean and sober today.

I’m back here, where no one knows me.  I have another blog that is tied to my real name where I post poetry and creative work.  But I need to be able to spill my guts uncensored and fearlessly.  So I’m brushing this one off and coming back to my other home.  Here where I have no name but anonymous3891.

The drama needs somewhere to go before I drowned in it.  I’m suffocating in my own shit.  Read along if you dare.



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