cats, friendship, relationship

a real friend

I don’t have a lot of friends.  I tend to form deep, strong bonds with friends and lovers both.

My cat (one of five) had a seeping pus filled puncture wound.  Little Boy is already costing me an arm and a leg in doctor’s fees and surgical center charges.  A trip to the vet would be possible but hard right now.

A real friend helps you clean blood and pus out of long cat fur, gently probing and washing the wound while you hold your pour kitty still.

A real friend runs right over when your house has been robbed and ransacked.  She brings tools and digs in and helps pick up the mess and repair the damage.

A real friend does not say I will pray while your child is in surgery.  She comes and sits with you.  She picks up your other child from school.

A real friend knows to call and say I need help and trusts you will be right there.

A real friend takes your arm and walks you through the doors when you are shaking.

A real friend sends you an NA meeting schedule.

A real friend says I am sorry.

A real friend just tells you what he his thinking, knowing you cannot read his mind.

A real friend helps shove a urine soaked couch into the county trash compactor.

A real friend makes you take the job of handing out key tags to newbies.

A real friend knows he will break your trust because he knows he is only human.

A real friend takes your cat to the vet when you have to work.

A real friend pulls a putrefied dead squirrel out  of your car’s air intake.

A real friend refuses to use your pain against you.

A real friend holds your hand and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him for doing it.

A real friend calls the second she hears there’s been a death.  She doesn’t bring food.  She just listens.  And does not judge.



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