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Dear Bad Boyfriend,

I love you.  I hate you.

I’m tired of your lies and broken promises.  I’m tired of love letters to wipe my ass on.

I’m tired of your rage and anger.  You’re cruelty.  The screaming and yelling.

I’m tired of being your toy, your game.  I’m tired of playing this game.  I’m tired of being a yoyo.

I’m tired of being your object.  I’m tired of getting kicked around.

I’m tired of feeling imperfect and judged.

I’m tired of being neglected.  I’m tired of unmet needs.

I’m tired of trying to read your mind.  And being punished when I fail.

I’m tired of being dropped in the middle of conversations.  I’m tired of listening to monologues.  I’m tired of never speaking.

I’m tired of being told how I feel.

I’m tired of your drama.

I’m tired of your superiority complex.  The condescending attitude, looking down on all of us below you.

I’m tired of feeling unwanted, unworthy.

I’m tired of trying to please you.

I’m tired of feeling that your fantasy of me is impossible.

I’m tired of broken trust.

I’m tired of your empathy, I’ve met hammers more understanding of my thumb.

I’m tired of sex without meaning.

I’m tired of feeling you making me crazy.  I know why all your ex’s were insane.

I’m tired of the brain fucking and mind games.



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