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Dear Boyfriend Who Used to be Good,

I miss all those flirty little chat messages with the hearts and smiles.

I miss falling asleep to your voice on the phone.

I miss your arms around me, my ear to your heart.

I miss being able to exchange fears.  To be trusting and open and honest.

I miss when the sex was good, gentle, giving.

I miss watching your eyes.  Green.  Brown.  Blue.  Mostly green.

I miss when you wanted me.  I miss feeling wanted.

I miss those words ‘I love you.’

I miss walking your cat in the sunshine.

I miss sharing a plate of food.

I miss your hands on my neck.  I miss your fingers.

I miss you telling me what you wanted.

I miss sharing a shower.

I miss the smell of you.

I miss hearing kindness in your voice.  The hate and anger kill me.

I miss when I was safe with you.

I miss that other you.

The Girl Who Still Love You



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